Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Travel

Cobalt Seas and Romantic Shorelines....GREECE
κοβάλτιο θάλασσες και ακτές ρομαντικό

As I prepare to pack my bags for a spontaneous summer trip to GREECE, I can’t help but daydream about the crystal blue seas and crisp white buildings that line the shore.                                        AHHHH Greece here I come.... BUT first I thought it might be wise to read up on the fascinating accent medieval destination, so that I am fully prepared with my list of must see historical sites, lounging spots and places to eat. Oh and maybe a little shopping....

To start my list I pulled out the June 2009 issue of Elle Décor from my archives and found an amazing article Elle Décor Goes to Athens…. I will be sure to follow their lead and hit up the Monastiraki Flea Market and check out some of their “what to see” spots. 

The Parliament in Athens, from Elle Decor

The Acropolis in Athens, from Elle Decor

One can only pray that they stumble across an antique shop that has some furnishings from one of my favorite designers T H Robsjohn Gibbings. Wish me luck on finding some 1940's Reconstructed Classical Greek Furnishings by Gibbings....

I will and MUST stop in the GRACE Hotel in Santorini for a drink to check out their "out of this world" seascape views and bespoke interiors. YES PLEASE to this well tailored space….

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