Thursday, December 9, 2010

Artistry Travels

To start off, back in May I made a weekend journey to Frankfurt Germany to attend the marriage of a traditional Turkish guy and a simple German girl. As if being invited to attend a wedding with such cultural traditions and a guest list of over six hundred people was not enough to make a girl jump at the opportunity, the bride asked me to do her make-up for her big day, with honor I agreed.  Although I have cases upon cases of make-up goodies from my M.A.C. artistry days; I knew that with the simple beauty of this bride I would pack light for my short stay.....

My friends!
A few weeks before the big day, the bride and I spoke about her look for her new husband and many guests whom would be traveling from all over the eastern world including small villages in Turkey. With the brides desire to appear natural with a touch of glamour, we used Heidi Klum as our inspiration face.

Upon arriving to Frankfurt the wedding festivities had already begun, so I quickly got myself ready and off to Frankfurt City Hall were the couples intimate exchange of there vows took place. Unfortunately due to my plane delay I missed the vows, but not to worry, I was there in plenty of time to recoup from my jet lag before the big wedding party day.

Frankfurt Germany
The last single night....
The morning of the wedding party, I decided to be a brave American and immerse myself into the European culture and take the Metro across town to the bride’s residence right outside of Frankfurt. Being that I had been to Frankfurt before, I used my memory of the historical elements and the Framers Market to help me remember the way to the bride.  Once I arrived, we shared stories of how our friendship started back in the States, drank champagne and turned up the tunes to set the appropriate wedding atmosphere.

The Make-Up!
With a calm and naturally beautiful bride on my hands, being the make-up artist was not a job, rather a special time that I shared with my close friends on the day of there unique union of love. Once I made sure that all of the bride’s natural features were highlighted and every eye lash was in place, I got myself to the wedding site where over six hundred of us anxiously gathered awaiting the beat of the drums to let us know the wedding celebration had begun. Although I do not speak German or Turkish, I know all the chatter was about how beautiful the bride was......

The beat of the drums.....

The Bride and Groom